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The NESOI Facility aims to facilitate the clean energy transition on EU islands and go one step forward by providing islands with training, technical support, cooperation opportunities and robust funding opportunities to concretely convert Island Sustainable Energy Action Plans into Renewable Energy Sources (RES) plants, building and energy infrastructure retrofitting, energy bill reduction, local job creation and more.

The NESOI Facilitating web-platform (NEF) will be the most visible and important tool of the facility as it helps local operators to develop their own projects. The aim is to stimulate collaboration, innovation and to provide visibility to investment opportunities, share best practices and information, offering tools and describing the process to local stakeholders in order to enable them to enhance their energy transition ideas.



Project News

The application period for the NESOI Short Study Tours closed on 20 January 2023 after more than two months, due to the extension of the deadline from the 31 December 2022 to the 20 january 2023. We would like to thank all the interested people for their participation! 

Next steps: the evaluation and selection period will take place during the month of February and the Short Study Tours will already start in the beginning of March!


New Energy Solutions Optimized for Islands 

~ The NESOI were also goddesses of Islands in Greek Mythology ~

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