What is the NEF?

NESOI Facilitating web-platform (NEF) will be the most visible and important tool of the facility. It includes a suite of scalable components that will stimulate collaboration, open innovation, and visibility of investment opportunities. It delivers the following services only to share best practices and information, offering tools and describing the process to local operators in order to enable them to develop their own projects:

  • Profile and Smart Matching : The NEF platform's fundamental structural element will manage the discoverable profiling of all NEF participants' actors.
  • Online collaboration space and capacity building : NEF users will have access to online collaboration among NEF members, removing geographical barriers to communication and the sharing of thoughts and experiences. The ability to showcase successful projects and cutting-edge, island-appropriate technologies will help improve project and technology distribution. Finally, an e-learning component will be built to offer informational and educational content pertinent to the sector in order to benefit local community actors and outside stakeholders.
  • Equity crowdfunding : The NEF platform will develop and put in place a crowd equity infrastructure to increase and spread the potential for investment and foster open, collaborative business models.

NEF aims to communicate and enable interaction with wide range of relevant stakeholders such as Citizens, experts, Investors, Institutions, Project Promoters, tech – providers.

Check what the NESOI Facilitating web-platform can do for you: 

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