NESOI Capacity Building Webinar: Knowledge Sharing from the survey results and understanding of Eligibility Criteria

The European Islands Facility NESOI hosted their first capacity building webinar on the 18th of June 2020 to share the knowledge gathered from the survey issued to EU Islands over the past months. The webinar gave insights on the eligibility criteria for the technical assistance that NESOI can offer.

The European Islands Facility NESOI, supports the EU islands energy transition process, facilitating the decentralization of energy systems and contributing to EU policy in achieving 2030 climate targets. To reach NESOI’s objectives our first action has been to design and broadly distribute a survey towards European islands, to understand and identify islands’ energy challenges, projects readiness and assistance requirements to finetune NESOI’s Technical Assistance solutions.  

The 60 minute webinar gives useful insights drawn from the survey results such as:  the current status on energy transition projects across EU Islands and how this information helps us better target NESOI’s resources; Stories about projects sent by the islands having answered to the NESOI survey allowing other islands (Survey Respondents) to identify the gaps in their planning and; Concrete energy project metadata analysis (that are helping us identify the type of projects currently in development, common barriers encountered by the islands and their financial needs). 

You can view the webinar recording in full below: 


Details on the Webinar Agenda are as follows: 

- A brief introduction to the NESOI facility

- Numbers and stories (NESOI survey’s results) 

- NESOI Technical Assistance and funding mechanism 

- What are the eligibility criteria to benefit from NESOI’s specific project structuring Technical Assistance?  

- Wrap-up and Q&A  




Would you like some background information on the EU Island Facility NESO before attending this webinar? 

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