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Join the digital event “Energy Transition on European Islands: from innovation to implementation: how to make the energy transition on islands a reality?” on Thursday 29th October from 13.00 to 15.00 CEST.

Do you know that there are more than 2200 inhabited islands in the EU?

Despite having access to renewable sources of energy, such as wind, sun and wave energy, many of them depend on expensive fossil fuel imports for their energy supply.

Between the 26th and 29th of October the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat will be hosting it annual forum. The programme of the online event is focusing on the linkages between the EU institutions and the local actions on the islands.

Representatives from the institutions will present their particular role in creating the enabling framework for the decarbonisation of EU Islands. Furthermore, local actions will be presented and discussed online with inspirations starting from the host islands and gradually broadened to all parts of the EU island community.

The  European  Islands  Facility  NESOI facilitates the decentralization of energy systems which contributes to EU policy in achieving 2030 climate targets. To reach NESOI’s objectives a survey on European islands was conducted to understand and identify islands’ energy challenges, projects readiness, and assistance requirements to finetune NESOI’s Technical Assistance solutions. 

Europe has set ambitious targets to increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and raise the share of renewable energy. Nonetheless, the scenery of the South-Eastern European region with multiple changing geopolitical and social conditions, poses serious questions, challenges, and opportunities for countries, industries, professionals, and academics.

On Wednesday 21st October, NESOI project coordinator, Andrea Martinez will speak at the "Islands as pioneers of the Climate Pact" online session, organized in the frame of the EU Regions Week 2020 where he will be discussing Island energy transition as an opportunity for economic recovery post-COVID-19.

 On 30th July, NESOI conducted it's 2nd international webinar. Early-stage information on how the first call for applicants is being organized was shared and also information on how the islands can get prepared for the call using the Islands’ Self-Check Analysis for Eligibility developed by the NESOI team.

The workshop will start at 11:00 AM CEST and will be divided into 2 sessions:

The Institut Menorquí d'Estudis has released a document that contains the proposed guidelines for decarbonising Menorca’s energy system. They were drawn up based on a comprehensive vision of Menorca’s energy sources, infrastructure and usage, with the aim of drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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