The Union for the Mediterranean presents agenda for the coming years

The Member States of The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) met on the 25th of February to present the New Agenda for the Mediterranean adopted by the European Commission, which emphasised the EU's trust in the UfM's vital role in strengthening regional cooperation and as a privileged forum for dialogue for its 42 Member States.

In the coming years, the UfM will focus on the following areas: 


In addition to these five actions, the Secretariat will continue to fulfil the mission entrusted to it by the 2017 UfM roadmap, particularly in the fields of transport, urban development, tourism and the fundamental causes of migration.

Lastly, the UfM Member States had a debate on the recommendations of the Civil Society Forum, held on the margins of the 5th UfM Regional Forum, as well as on the implementation of the first edition of the Mediterranean Day, launched by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs to strengthen ties, promote intercultural exchanges and embrace Euro-Mediterranean diversity.