NEW VIDEO: Sustainable Actions for Viable Energy (SAVE)

Sustainable Actions for Viable Energy (SAVE) - NESOI

Sustainable Actions for Viable Energy (SAVE) is a project supported by NESOI European Islands managed by our partners from CERTH and promoted by the Minoan Energy Community, the Minoan Pediadas Municipality of the Region of Crete (Greece).

NESOI will contribute to the good development of the smart grid, which will lead to the compensation of the electricity consumption, which will ultimately bring the upgrade of their energy performance.

Looking into the future, this energy community has several plans to keep growing towards their decarbonisation: the development of photovoltaic energy in the island and large-scale wind farms; development of links between energy and agriculture; and citizens engagement, through trainings for key stakeholders and capacity building activities in cooperation with other energy communities and institutions.

Visit the dedicated page to know more about this project and watch the project video below!