Genera 2021: " International Energy and Environment Fair" in Madrid

Our partner Deloitte participated in "Genera, the International Energy and Environment Fair" that took place last 16-18 November 2021 and in the parallel congress "The Miss: a B2B Summit + Expo by Epower & Building: Getting to Zero", both in Madrid (Spain). The events took place in an hybrid format for the first time, and all three were coordinated under the same online platform which has been active for networking the whole month of November. However, our partners had the chance to be there in person.

The event is based on the challenge that the Spain faces in relation to the building sector which, only by itself, accounts for one third of the greenhouse emissions and suposses around the 30% of the final energy consumption. Genera gathered all the realted stakeholders in the sector with innovations that coould help attain the EU decarbonisation targets.

Our colleague from Deloitte presents the work done at NESOI