11 electric buses started their service in Catania

Catania will add to its fleet of public transport 11 electric buses that will operate in the city performing the required tests. The buses, that will be availabe starting from January, will have a range of 300 km and are equipped with air conditioning, something essential due to the temperatures of the island. To these buses, a second batch of 18 full electric ones will be added to the fleet by the AMTS in coordination with the municipality. This choice of turning towards a greener transportation responds to a greater plan for the complete renovation of the public transportation fleet, for which the Municipality of Catania has been granted EUR 78M to purchase an additional one hundred electric and ten hydrogen-powered vehicles, expected to arrive in phases from 2014 until 2026.

NESOI Islands Facility has been an important part in this process. NESOI has supported the benficiary, AMTS Catania, in the feasibility study to convert all buses to electric.

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